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Welcome to the Zonal Education Office -Chilaw

Zonal Education Office of Chilaw is the administration body of all government schools and pirivena institutes. This office provides service to 160 schools in 07 divisional secretariat areas,where 79247 students study.Facilitating education, supervision, and management of schools are done by ZEO. Promoting academic and non academic staffs of schools, maintaining their service records, providing councelling services paying salaries, organizing welfare services and other grants are done by the Zonal Education Office. Holding and facilitating towards public examinations and supervision of the same are also among other duties.

All these services are done in order to direct all stake holders towards the vision of NWP "An exemplary child through optimum eduction". We hope that all those who gain our services will ultimately be responsible and intellectuals in future.

Message From the Zonal Director

I am proud to introduce this web site to you and I welcome all who use it. This website is introduced with the objective of diversifying e-learning facilitation for students during this pandemic situation in the world. Thereby, it is expected all the education related institutions to contribute towards the achievement of vision of North Western Province: “An exemplary child through optimum education”, by guiding the students to get the maximum benefit of this web site.

“Smart Learning for Students” would be a novel and interesting experience for students during this period and this will encourage students for self-learning during their stay at home.

Hope this digital transformation of teaching – learning process would be considered as an asset and this is presented to the students in North Western Province as well as to the entire school community in Sri Lanka.

[ Chilaw Zonal Diretor of Education ]